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This blog describes, depicts, and delves into modes of human becoming. These modes are not merely “ideas” but rather are the very real means people make use of to truly arrive somewhere and be both who they are and what they want to be. This emerges in and arises out of the same organic process we all live and know as human experiencing.  Its timeless forms are found in cultures the world over — visible outwardly in architecture and archeology of course, but inwardly as well in the foundational acts we know personally that recur in us over and over again: bespeaking, believing, beholding, behesting, besteading, belonging, and behaving — manifest in the unique ways by which we each genuinely form our bodies and fashion our lives.

My book, The Stuff of a Lifetime: Self, Sense, Soul, and Spirit in Human Experience explores the life-long influence that personal experiencing has on people when viewed across its entire span. Because human experience is simultaneously enacted and embodied, it thus shapes and molds all the rest of one’s life as well — and that experiencing shows itself plainly in everything one does and becomes.  The six bio-sketches completed in the book (with a seventh one coming) are depicted here to start off this blog. They serve as a ready reference in the blog’s ongoing investigation and are meant to help carry its overall exploration even further.

The major modes treated here are :

I. bespeaking . . . and the Artistic experience of life

(On James Cagney)

II. believing . . .  and the Religious experience of life

(On Nikos Kazantzakis)

III. beholding . . . and the Philosophic experience of life

(On Paul Tillich)

IV. behesting . . . and the Historical experience of life

(On  Oriana Fallaci)

V. besteading . . . and the Political and Economic experience of life

(On  Thomas Jefferson)

VI. belonging . . . and the Scientific experience of life

(On  Stanley Keleman)

No matter how rudimentary a form they may take, nor how convex or convoluted their combinations might be, the effective outcome of these prove powerful and pervasive nonetheless. They shape the sense we have of things to achieve or paths to follow, as we fashion our lives in general and forge our way into the future.

2008 Summer Olympics - Opening Ceremony - Beij...
2008 Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony – Beijing, China 同一个世界 同一个梦想 – U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program – FMWRC (Photo credit: familymwr)

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Bon voyage!

Author, actor, playwright/composer, psychologist, philosopher, and Episcopal priest. Born in Nebraska on the Great Plains, where the American West begins. Enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school, with college and seminary following immediately thereafter. Active in all professional fields listed. The core emphasis is on the primary modes of human becoming, the life-defining meaning each individual enacts and embodies -- and the ways in which both soul and spirit manifest themselves as one's life unfolds up to a person's very last breath.

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